[Comparison] Intel Core i9-12900H vs Apple M1 Max – the Core i9 is running circles around the competition

Here are the finest from both Intel and Apple. The Core i9-12900H is currently the #1 CPU in our Top Laptop CPU Ranking. The chip is really similar to the Core i7-12700H, having the same 14/20 layout, the same cache size, and a slightly higher boost clock, but a lower base clock.

On the other side, sits the Apple M1 Max, which is currently the most powerful chip that you can get in an Apple laptop. It is found inside the MacBook Pro 14 and Pro 16 and has 10 cores and threads.

Today we are comparing the Intel Core i9-12900H against the Apple M1 Max.

You can find more information about both CPUs here: Intel Core i9-12900H / Apple M1 Max

Specs table

Intel Core i9-12900HApple M1 Max
ArchitectureAlder Lake HApple M1 Max
Cores / Threads14/2010/10
Clock Speeds – Base/Boost2.30 – 4.70GHz0.60GHz – 3.20GHz
Memory type
DDR5-4800, LPDDR5-5200,
Integrated GPUIntel Iris Xe Graphics G7 (96EU)Apple M1 Max GPU (32 -core)

CPU benchmarks

The M1 Max is totally outshined by the Core i9, with the latter managing to secure a 140% higher score.


Apple’s independence in the laptop market sounded pretty groundbreaking when they first announced Apple Silicon. However, we feel like they might be stagnating their progression on purpose, in order to squeeze more cash out of their consumers. With the Apple M2 arriving with the new MacBook Pro 13 and Air 13, we should expect an M2 Pro and M1 Max in the near future. Hopefully, the situation with them doesn’t look as dire as their M1 counterparts, since currently, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to splurge more money for less power. However, one thing that we have to give to Apple is how they manage their batteries since MacBooks are always some of the longest-lasting devices that we have.

All laptops with the Intel Core i9-12900H:

All laptops with the Apple M1 Max:

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