Intel Core i7-10710U vs Core i7-10510U – the 10710U is a little more expensive and much more powerful

The Comet Lake series are the most recent Intel SoCs. You will not find them in gaming laptops because they have a different purpose. The ultraportable notebooks are their home soil because Comet Lake CPUs are efficient, they will not drain the battery fast, and the TDP is 15W. If you need more power Intel Turbo boost will help you to do your tasks faster with higher frequencies and higher TDP (25W).

Now it’s time to compare Intel Core i7-10710U and Intel Core i7-10510U. As expected, i7-10710U is more expensive than i7-10510U but definitely not by far – Intel is selling them for $443 and $409, respectively.

A quick note – the main differences between Comet Lake and Whiskey Lake are the memory frequency (DDR4-2666 vs 2400, respectively) and LPDDR4X ram compatible controller.

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Specs overview

This comparison may look a bit strange for some people (i7 vs i7) but both SoCs are being used in the same series of notebooks and users need to know if it’s worth the bigger investment for the Core i7-10710U. Specs-wise they have some common characteristics like the TDP levels, the fabrication process, and max memory support – 14nm and 64GB DDR4-2666.

Intel Core i7-10710U is more powerful – 6 cores (12 threads), 1.10 GHz base clock and 4.70 GHz Boost. Core i7-10510U is a decent CPU too – 4 cores (8 threads), 1.80 GHz base clock and 4.90 GHz Boost. Pretty respectable numbers for a quad-core CPU but Core i7-10710U is better. Core i7-10710U packs 12MB of cache while i7-10510U is equipped with 8MB of cache.

Intel Core i7-10710UIntel Core i7-10510U
Cores / Threads6/124/8
Base / Max frequency1.10 – 4.70 GHz1.80 – 4.90 GHz
Cache12 MB Intel Smart Cache8 MB Intel Smart Cache
TDP / up / down15W / 25W / 12.5W15W / 25W / 10W
Memory supportDDR4-2666, LPDDR3-2133DDR4-2666; LPDDR3-2133

You can check out the full specs of the Intel Core i7-10710U and the Intel Core i7-10510U.


No surprises here – Core i7-10710U is faster (around 38%) compared to i7-10510U.

Results are from the Cinebench 20 CPU test (the higher the score, the better)

Results are from our Photoshop benchmark test (the lower the score, the better)


If you can pay more i7-10710U will satisfy your needs – it has higher frequencies, more cache, and more cores. Core i7-10710U is a better CPU because its multitasking is better than i7-10510U. However, i7-10510U is also a good CPU. Four cores and 8 threads (and high Turbo frequencies) are more than enough for everybody except the power users.

If we look at the numbers, i7-10710U is 8% more expensive compared to i7-10510U but the bigger brother got 2 more cores, 50% more cache, and 38% more performance. So no matter if you’re a power user or not, you should definitely get the i7-10710U if the end-price is similar.

All laptops equipped with the Core i7-10710U

All laptops equipped with the Core i7-10510U

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R7ex Ed
R7ex Ed
4 years ago

How about i7-10510U vs i5-10210U?
Worth the ugprade?