Acer Predator Z650 preview – the perfect replacement for your TV or monitor

Screenshot 2016-03-12 16.45.19Acer’s gaming lineup, Predator, is gathering popularity quite swiftly due to the high-quality of the products the Taiwanese manufacturer releases. Products of the ‘Predator’ brand include the Predator G6-710, a couple of notebook models and the gaming Predator 8 tablet, as well as a wide variety of monitors and peripheral devices. In this article we’re going to talk about a representative of the latter.

At first glance, Predator Z650 may just seem like an ordinary projector, part of Acer’s lineup. The device comes in colors typical for the Predator lineup – red and black; and seemingly, that’s the only thing that sets it apart. Don’t be fooled, however. Predator Z650 offers a wide variety of features and can easily replace your TV or monitor. Let’s move on to the meat of things and see why Acer’s Predator Z650 is at the top of the food chain.

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High-quality image

Since Z650 is part of the Predator lineup, you’re probably wondering what exactly a projector has to offer in order to be called a ‘gaming projector’. Let’s start with the resolution. We’re looking at Full HD (1920 x 1080), but what impressed us even more is the projection distance. Can you image having a 100-inch Plasma TV which you can use without having to worry about PWM or other eye-straining flicker? Well, not only does Predator Z650 provide you with that 100-inch “screen”, but it is also eye-friendly. Furthermore, you can project the image from as near as 1.5 meters, which is great, since you can use it even in the smallest of rooms.



Image quality is the other important aspect when considering this type of product. You’ll be glad to hear that Acer has put a lot of effort  into their projector being the best one out there. Thanks to the sRGB mode, 20,000:1 contrast ratio (Fierce clarity) and the so-called ColorPurity (provides more accurate and vivid sRGB colors) technology, you’ll be able to fully enjoy watching movies or playing games. Additionally, the device features ColorBoost 3D, which has a couple of image-boosting components – 6-segment color wheel, DLP chip, and light control.

Gaming modes and connectivity

3Aside from high-quality images, Predator Z650 offers a couple of features which make it easier to connect, as well as an improved gaming experience. You can browse between three gaming modes – Dark FPS, Bright FPS, and Game Auto. The first one increases the contrast ratio when you’re in a low-lit environment and brings the shadows to “life”. The second mode is very similar to the Dark FPS, but is used in well-lit environments, while the third mode automatically controls the settings and improves the image projected on the screen (wall) while you’re playing.

The projector has a Wi-Fi module, which means that the only cable that you’ll need to connect is the charging one. Moreover, if your computer also has a Wi-Fi module, you won’t even have to be near it in order to use the projector, which gives you a lot more freedom as to where you can place the device. Furthermore, Predator Z650 supports Bluetooth, so you can always connect your wireless headset and effortlessly enjoy the best experience that games (like Kholat) have to offer. The device has its own 10-watt loudspeakers, which provide decent audio quality. You’re unlikely to be in need of additional speakers. We’ll be putting Acer’s Predator Z650 through all sorts of tests in our in-depth review, so stay tuned!

Specs sheet


Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Contrast and aspect ratios20.000:1, 16:9
Luminous flux2200 / 1760 lumens (depending on the mode)
Lamp’s life3000/4000/6000 hours (depending on the mode)
Noise while working33 dBA /30 dBA (depending on the mode)
ConnectivityBluetooth audio connection, Wi-Fi
  • Short throw projection
  • Gaming modes
  • ColorPurity
  • DTS Sound
  • NVIDIA 3D TV Play
  • ColorBoost 3D / ColorSafe II
  • built-in speakers: 10W x 2 DTS Sound
  • sRGB
  • DC output (5V/1A, USB Type A) x1
Weight3.40 kg

You can check out the prices of the available gaming projectors here:

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