Acer unveils its new Aspire V15 series notebooks and refreshes its Aspire E series with an interesting design signature (hands-on)

Continuing with our coverage of the Acer’s Keepasking conference, we got some interesting news about the Aspire V15 and Aspire E lineups. Firstly, the company is going to launch its Aspire V15 series notebooks that offer stylish aluminum design backed up by powerful hardware and good sound quality. Acer stressed on that last one several times and this might be not so far from the truth since we’ve recently tested the refreshed Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition notebook and the sound quality was unmatched. You can check the full review here:

As for the Aspire E series, they get a complete design overhaul with interesting design signature that uses plastic which strongly resembles denim. The interior, however, wasn’t as fascinating, but we are talking about a budget lineup after all. Also, the E series will be offered in a great variety of colors that will suit everyone’s taste.

Acer Aspire V15

Let’s take a deeper look at the Aspire V15 notebook. It offers fairly good and stylish aluminum design and the top cover features the same material that’s been used in several notebooks from Acer. We are talking about the nano-imprint technology and as always, the chassis feels really sturdy and pleasant to touch. Besides that, the chassis appears to be relatively lightweight, just like the V15 Nitro series – 2.4 kg. Also, the keyboard has its own backlight and we hope that this one will get an improvement over the V15 Nitro series, because we weren’t as satisfied with the old LED backlight. We will make sure to check that out as soon as we get a sample.



Spec-wise, the notebook will be offered with almost all of the available Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs from the latest Broadwell generation. Furthermore, Acer has put a discrete graphics card – the new NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU, which might not be suitable for gaming, but will handle most of the GPU-demanding tasks with ease. Acer also stressed a few times on the sound quality of the notebook, thanks to Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater technology.

Aspire V 15_05_high

Aspire V 15_01_high

Aspire V 15_02_high

Aspire V 15_04_high

The screen is the other interesting aspect of this device and at first glance it doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary – 15.6-inch HD (1366×768) or FHD (1920×1080) or you can go along with the touch version, but with less pixel count of 1366×768. Storage options can also vary from 2TB of HDD to 1TB of SSHD. There’s no word, however, if the notebook supports M.2 SATA SSD.

Acer Aspire E 14/15/17

Along with the Aspire V15, Acer refreshes its budget Aspire E lineup with a full design overhaul. The main feature here is the denim-like material used for the chassis and the variety of colors that Acer will offer for your new E 14/15/17 laptop. Acer is trying to balance the features of this notebook so it can be good enough for productivity, multimedia and light gaming. As we all know, this cannot be achieved easily, but Acer is offering its series notebooks with the updated Braswell CPUs – Pentium and Celeron and with Core CPUs – i3/i5. There will be also available configurations with AMD FX, A10, A8, A6, A4 and E2 CPUs.

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_02

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_04

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_07

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_01

The GPU, however, will be either the integrated one that comes with AMD and Intel CPUs, but word has it that Acer will offer the Aspire E series with an option with discrete GPU. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure which GPU is Acer going to use. It might be the new GeForce 920M that will offer a big performance leap over the integrated GPUs, but will not be too expensive for the budget type machines.

The sound quality isn’t left out too as Acer claims it has been significantly improved, thanks to the TrueHarmony technology. Acer is also improving the screen quality with some extra options – non-touch HD or Full HD, while the touch versions are stuck with HD panel. The only difference is the 17.3-inch model which can go only with non-touch display with a selection between HD+ (1600×900) or Full HD (1920×1080).

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_05

Aspire E 14_Cotton White_06

One important thing we would like to say about all of the new Acer devices is the so-called BluelightShield technology that blocks the harmful blue light emissions from the screen and thus eliminating eye strain. It can be used in four different modes: Low Reduction, Mid Reduction, High Reduction, and Long Hour Mode all of which reduce the blue light emission up to 18%, 36%, 54%, and professionally tuned by optical engineers, respectively. There are also other convertibles and mobile devices that feature the same technology and it will be quite interesting to test the properties of this additional feature once we get our hands on some samples.

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