AMD Radeon Pro 450 has been added to our ranking

AMD’s Polaris-based mobile GPU, the Radeon Pro 450, can only be found in latest Apple’s MacBook Pro 15 notebooks. On paper, the GPU doesn’t seem to be all that impressive with just 800 MHz maximum clock speeds, 640 shaders and 2GB of GDDR5 memory but manages to overtake GPUs that are gaming-oriented, although they are part of an earlier generation.

You can find all of the available configurations here:

Anyway, let’s not forget that this GPU isn’t made to drive the latest games but to take care of graphically intensive tasks and provide a significant performance boost over the integrated graphics while keeping the energy consumption as low as possible. The latter is possible thanks to the 14nm manufacturing process that also helps with the lower thermals.

For now, the GPU takes the 37th position in our ranking table and you can read more about the Radeon Pro 450 here.

And as for the full review of the MacBok Pro 15, click here.

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