[Specs and Info] MSI Summit E13 Flip (12Mx) – It will be difficult finding a better-looking laptop

MSI are really coming into their own with their business and Creator laptops, delivering stunning laptops with lots of features, and great hardware.

The Summit E13 Flip is one of their latest creations, sporting the newest Alder Lake processors from Intel, which are promising both high performance and long battery life thanks to the introduction of P-cores and E-cores, something that has been a thing in mobile devices for a very long time.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the MSI Summit E13 Flip (12Mx).

MSI Summit E13 Flip (12Mx): Full Specs


MSI always goes all out with their Summit laptops, delivering a metal chassis and lid with enough resilience to withstand our attempts at flexing and twisting it. The design is smart and elegant, with sharp edges and corners. The combination of a main and an accent color furthermore helps the laptop look really cool. The black exterior comes with golden accents on the side of the lid, base, and on the MSI logo. The white device, on the other hand, has those pieces covered in Chrome. Portability is one of the main pros of the laptop, with a weight of only 1.35 kg and a profile of just 14.98 mm.


There is a single display option, with a 13.3-inch FHD+ IPS panel. The 16:10 aspect ratio is spot on, delivering more space, while not increasing the size of the device itself. Sadly, MSI gives no information, but the panel seems to be the same as the one from last year’s model, and that panel had good coverage and accuracy, being able to be used for art and design.

Specifications and features

Lastly, there are three Alder Lake P-series CPUs, with the Core i5-1240P, i7-1260P, and i7-1280P. The P-series has a TDP of 28W, which is right in the middle between the efficient U-series and the powerful P-series. Even the least powerful Core i5 has 12 cores and 16 threads, which will be plenty for daily tasks. The clock speeds vary from the sub 2.00GHz base speeds up to boost speeds of near or more than 4.50GHz. With good cooling, a manufacturer can definitely squeeze out a lot of performance, while keeping the power draw manageable.

In terms of graphics, there is only the integrated Iris Xe Graphics, but they are really good for iGPU standards, especially in productivity tasks. The display and touchpad come with stylus support, while the left side of the notebook is magnetic allowing you to put the MSI pen there, while not hiding any of the I/O.

All MSI Summit E13 Flip (12Mx) configurations:

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