[Specs, Info, and Prices] HP ProBook x360 435 G8 is a great combination of portability and power, thanks to Ryzen U-series APUs

ProBooks are becoming more and more attractive options. We guess HP is done with being second place and is ever so vigilant in claiming that #1 spot, as the biggest seller of PCs and laptops. Their newest ProBook x360 435 G8 is a great laptop on paper, and we can’t wait to review it ourselves. It comes powered by the latest Ryzen 5000 U-series processors, which have low TDP and go easy on your battery. With a compact size, which utilizes a 13.3-inch screen, you can carry the device wherever you want, without any strain on your body. Being a convertible, it offers crazy versatility thanks to its 360-degree hinge.

Without wasting more time, here is our quick overview of the HP ProBook x360 435 G8.

HP ProBook x360 435 G8: Full Specs 


Being a convertible, you get a classic design feature: a 360-degree hinge. It allows for huge versatility, with the device being able to be put like a tent, as well as a tablet, or even use the keyboard as a stand like you can see from the photo below. The build materials aren’t specified, but f we had to make a shot in the dark, we would say an aluminum body and lid, because usually convertibles are treated as premium devices. Whatever the materials are, you should expect a sturdy device. The display is also covered in Gorilla Glass 5, which further improves the durability, as well as adds some much-needed stretch and shatter resistance to the display.


HP is giving you a pretty simple choice for a display, in the way that there isn’t a choice and you only get one option for a display. The panel has a Full HD resolution, an IPS matrix, and a diagonal of 13.3-inches. Needless to say, the panel also has touchscreen support. The panel has several variants, some of which come with up to 1000 nits of maximum brightness which is just insane. Some of the displays also feature HP’s Sure View privacy technology, which gives a very narrow viewing angle, allowing only you to view the contents of the display.

Specifications and features

Powering the device are the Ryzen 5000 U-series processors from AMD, which offer great power, especially when their low TDP is concerned. The CPUs range from the Ryzen 3 series and go all the way up to the Ryzen 7. There are a total of six processors to choose from, with two Ryzen 3 options, two Ryzen 5, and two Ryzen 7 options. The Radeon RX Vega graphics are AMD’s iGPU solutions and they offer adequate performance but aren’t on the level of the Iris Xe Graphics.

Features-wise, there is a spill-resistant keyboard with an optional backlight as well as a quality touchpad. To up the security, HP has included a fingerprint sensor. As online conference calls have become the normality in 2020 and have no signs of stopping, HP has outfitted the laptop with a stereo speaker setup as well as a dual-array microphone.

All HP ProBook x360 435 G8 configurations:

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