[Specs, Info, and Prices] The Lenovo Legion 5i (15) and 5i (17) offer great specs for a very reasonable price thanks to Tiger Lake and RTX

It was CES 2021 when Lenovo took the wraps off the Legion 5i series, which at the time had the Comet Lake H processors. Now, as Intel released their new Tiger Lake H CPUs, every manufacturer is suddenly revealing several new notebooks out of nowhere, each outfitted with these new chips. Lenovo is no different, as they showed off their new Legion 5i, now with Tiger Lake. The Legion 5 series is the mid-range offering from Lenovo, and it is usually the sweet spot when it comes to the price to performance ratio.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Lenovo Legion 5i (15) and (17).

The Legion 5i series will be available in July with a starting price of $970.

Full Specs: Lenovo Legion 5i (15) / Legion 5i (17)

Lenovo Legion 5i (15) configurations:

Lenovo Legion 5i (17) configurations:


When it comes to the design, it is the usual Legion aesthetic that we all know and love. The laptop is sleek and stylish, and if it didn’t have the Legion branding people wouldn’t recognize it as a gaming laptop. This is perfect for the stealthy gamer, who likes his passion, but doesn’t want a device that screams “I’m a gamer” from the top of its lungs (looking at you ASUS). The black exterior color also adds a lot of mystery to the laptop. The branding is also very minimal, with only a Legion logo on the back of the lid, which is vertically placed. The weight difference between the 15 and 17-inch models will definitely be noticeable, as the 15-inch laptop weighs 2.40 kg, while the 17-inch one is nearly 600 grams heavier. Thankfully, the thickness remains relatively similar, with a difference of only 0.2 mm.




The 15-inch Legion 5i seems to be getting more love from Lenovo, as it has better display options. It gets two 15.6-inch IPS panels. The first one has a Full HD resolution, refresh rate of 120Hz, and 250 nits max brightness. The second panel increases both the resolution and refresh rate to 1440p and 165Hz, respectively. It also gets higher max brightness of 300 nits, as well as Dolby Vision and G-Sync support. Now, going over to the Legion 5i (17), it also gets two 17.3-inch Full HD IPS panels, the first of which has a 60Hz refresh rate, and the second one bumping that up to 144Hz.


Specifications and features

The specs are where the real upgrades are and the good thing is that there are generally no differences between the 15 and 17-inch models. For the processors, as you can read from the title, Lenovo has selected the new Tiger Lake H units, which should be phenomenal performers both for gaming and productivity. There are two CPUs to choose from, with the base configuration coming with the Core i5-11400H. The second processor is the Core i7-11800H, which will for sure crush benchmarks and deliver great performance. There are upgrades in the GPU space as well, with the addition of the RTX 3050 (Laptop) to the already stacked lineup of the RTX 3060 (Laptop) and RTX 3070 (Laptop).

Features-wise, you get two Thunderbolt 4 connectors on both laptops, as well as backlit keyboards and stereo speaker setups. Support for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 is also present.

All Lenovo Legion 5i (15) configurations:

All Lenovo Legion 5i (17) configurations:

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