Why have Lenovo’s smartphones have become the definition of long battery life?


Quite a few researches show that users consider battery life as one of the most important aspects of a device. Some of the major OEMs have noticed this and started working on devices that provide longer battery life. A certain company pops up when we think of excellent battery life – Lenovo. In the past couple of year, the Chinese manufacturer has gained even more popularity and is now among the leaders of the smartphone market. The frequent release of new smartphones is part of Lenovo’s policy. The new devices have different functions and design, but they all share one common characteristic – batteries with huge capacity, some of which with 5000 mAh.

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Test results

We’ve reviewed a decent amount of Lenovo devices in the past year and we’ve put all of them through our battery tests, which consist of Wi-Fi and 3G web browsing, video playback, 3D gaming and phone call. In order to adequately measure the endurance of each phone we run our tests under the same conditions – 120 cd/m2 screen brightness, Wi-Fi turned on and 3G, Bluetooth and GPS turned off.

Video playback3D gamingPhone call
Lenovo Vibe X3610 min493 min871 min373 min623 min
Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite524 min395 min620 min201 min786 min
Lenovo Vibe S1414 min326 min561 min202 min581 min
Lenovo Phab Plus485 min412 min664 min236 min1047 min
Lenovo Vibe P1m938 min641 min1000 min473 min1115 min
Lenovo Vibe P11333 min685 min1224 min666 min1892 min
Lenovo Vibe Shot627 min434 min647 min214 min1053 min
Lenovo A7000596 min389 min635 min204 min2318 min
Lenovo A6000676 min434 min665 min314 min1049 min
Lenovo A50001068 min871 min1089 min592 min1529 min
Lenovo P70681 min609 min718 min357 min1950 min

Ultimate Power Saver

Most of Lenovo’s models, or at least the most recent ones, have an Ultimate Power Saver mode available that significantly increases the remaining battery life. It decreases the brightness, changes the background to a dark theme and limits the functionalities of the device to only the basic ones – phone calls and messages. Models such as Vibe P1m and Vibe P1, even have a physical switch that instantly activates the Ultimate Power Saver mode.

battery-saver (1)

What can we expect from the manufacturer this year?

The smartphone market is very dynamic and Lenovo aims to continue surprising their fans with newer and interesting offerings. Only in the past month, the company has revealed three new models – Vibe K4 Note, which has a 3300 mAh battery, Vibe K5 Note with a 3500 mAh unit, and Vibe S1 Lite where to main focus isn’t the 2700 mAh battery, but the sleek appearance. In other words, it looks like Lenovo’s strategy hasn’t changed since last year and is going to continue releasing devices with large battery capacities and durable battery life since it has brought them so much success. We’re interested to find out if battery life is as important to you and if so, how long-lasting is your phone’s battery?

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