56% of gamers use NVIDIA GPUs – only 25% prefer AMD

A statistics available on the Steam platform reaffirms the fact that most users prefer getting a GPU by NVIDIA rather than one by AMD. Despite the lower prices of the latter chips, gamers seem to lean toward the “green” camp, probably because most gaming titles are developed namely for NVIDIA GPUs.


More than a year ago, in January, AMD used to occupy 29% and we expected them to reach the same figure because of their new graphics card – Radeon RX 480. On the other hand, we have NVIDIA that managed to gain 5% more of Steam users’ trust for the same period – from 51.6% to 56.7% (currently).

You can browse through all available NVIDIA GPUs here: http://amzn.to/29d9JR8

Additionally, you may have a look at the currently available AMD GPUs here: http://amzn.to/29darxu

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