Acer Spin 5 (SP513-52) uses PWM from 0 to 28% brightness

The results we got from the conducted tests regarding the Acer Spin 5 (SP513-52) screen quality show that the panel uses PWM from 0 to 28% brightness which translates into 76 nits of luminance. This means that you won’t experience any negative effects such as eye strain or fatigue unless you have extra sensitive eyes.

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However, if you plan on using the screen at night and bring the brightness all the way to the minimum, we strongly recommend installing our Health-Guard profile, which eliminates the PWM and also reduces the negative blue light emissions.

Still, if the Acer Spin 5 (SP513-52) is not the right choice for you, we suggest browsing our PWM ranking for laptops with similar or better PWM rating.

For more detailed information about  Acer Spin 5 (SP513-52) you can read our full review.

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