Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51) doesn’t use PWM across all brightness levels so it’s safe to use for long periods of time

Nowadays, it has become of great importance that your laptop should not use PWM for regulating screen brightness. This is exactly the case with Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51) – its display not only has good contrast, comfortable viewing angles and decent color range but it is also flicker-free.

According to the tests we have conducted, Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51) doesn’t use PWM across all brightness levels which means it can be used for long periods of time without causing unnecessary eye strain. This is great news especially for users that spend most of their day in front of a monitor.

You can also browse our PWM ranking list for other laptop alternatives with the same PWM rating. And if you are interested, we suggest that you check out our Health-Guard profile that helps limit the negative blue light emissions and preserves the color accuracy as much as possible at the same time.

And here you can find the full review of the Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51).

Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51) configurations

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