AMD Radeon R5 M315 (2GB DDR3) – benchmarks and specs

amd-radeon-r5-m200-230wWe just received the refreshed Dell Vostro 3559 notebook, which is an entry-level solution with Core i5-6200U CPU and low-end AMD Radeon R5 M315 dedicated graphics with 2GB of DDR3 VRAM. Of course, we ran a few benchmarks and took a screenshot of GPU-Z for more detailed specs.

You can find some configurations with AMD Radeon R5 graphics here:

However, there’s a discrepancy between the information we find on the Internet and what GPU-Z lists. The Radeon R5 M315 should have no more than 320 shader units within 5 compute units while GPU-Z shows 1792. But since this is an entry-level GPU, our bet is on 320. Anyway, the ROPs and TMUs are 28 and 112, respectively, while the GPU clock is set to 970 MHz. As far as the memory is concerned, it’s 2GB of DDR3 VRAM clocked at 900 MHz on a 64-bit interface.

So here’s the screenshot and the synthetic benchmarks we ran. Expect more gaming tests in the following days as well as comparison between similarly priced systems.



GPU/Benchmark3DMark Cloud (graphics score)3DMark Fire Strike (graphics score)3DMark Sky Diver (graphics score)Unigine Heaven 3.0Unigine Heaven 4.0
AMD Radeon R5 M315 (2GB DDR3)50369193052242176
AMD Radeon R5 M330 (2GB DDR3)49768793001235
AMD Radeon R5 M335 (2GB DDR3)46199183216248180
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Juan David Alvarez
7 years ago

is better an intel hd graphics …

7 years ago

Based on my findings, with the new Intel HD 620 GPU (Kaby Lake) using any dedicated graphics lower than Nvidia 940M or Radeon R7 M465 isn’t worthy.