AMD Ryzen 7 1700X vs Intel Core i7-6800K – early gaming comparison

Three more days until the new Ryzen processors hit the market. This is the time we have to wait to finally get official benchmarks and conduct tests of our own. But until then some new benchmarks get leaked constantly. It was yesterday that we saw both real gameplay and synthetic benchmarks of the flagship 1800X. The other day we saw synthetic benchmarks of all three models.

And today the Chinese sources have leaked actual gameplay and performance in some apps along with synthetic benchmarks of the Ryzen 7 1700X. Of course, all these leaks can’t be fully trusted but they look legitimate.


This time the Ryzen 7 1700X is compared to the similarly priced ($399 vs $420) Intel Core i7-6800K. That’s an eight-core vs six core CPU.

We should note that the Ryzen 7 1700X has a lower TDP of 95W compared to the 140W of the 6800K. We draw attention to this fact because as you are about to see AMD’s processor has an overall lead over the Intel counterpart while consuming less energy.

In other words, the 1700X is not only more power efficient, it also has better performance per watt.

The first twelve rows of the table are some benchmarks in the following order: 3DMark Firestrike physics, 3DMark11 physics, Ludashi 5.15 CPU, Ludashi 5.15 GPU, Ludashi 5.15 Mem, Ludashi 5.15 Disk, Blender 2.78A, 7-zip 15.05beta 1min, LuxMark3.1 CPU OpenCL, FritzChessbenchmark, CinebenchR15 ST, CinebenchR15 MT. As you can see 1700X’ advantage varies from the mere 5-6% to the whopping 25-30%.

The other rows are gameplay tests. Here is a translated chart:




BenchmarkAMD Ryzen 7 1700XIntel Core i7 6800K1700X Lead in %
Platform Power – CPU only / full load123W126.87W3.15%
Platform Power – Standby62.77W98.74W57.30%
Platform Power – Gaming ( CPU + GPU )154.66W194.2W25.57%
Platform Power – Office/Productivity81.55W113.5W39.8%
Ashes Of The Singularity (DX12) avg FPS46.845.33.31%
BF1 avg FPS81.7582.15-0.49%
COD 13 avg FPS87.388.57-1.43%
CS: GO avg FPS297.98284.124.88%
CS: GO min FPS2892755.09%
Crossfire (Lithtech Engine) 4.1.8 avg FPS1981970.51%
Crossfire (Lithtech Engine) 4.1.8 min FPS189191-1.05%
Deus Ex Human Divided (DX12) avg39.3390.77%
Deus Ex Human Divided (DX12) min32.131.80.94%
Doom (Vulkan) avg123122.50.41%
H1Z1 King of the Hill avg87.6383.54.95%
H1Z1 King of the Hill min75715.63%
Hitman (DX12) avg60.259.051.95%
Tomb Raider DX12 avg45.845.121.51%
Tomb Raider DX12 min30.130.5-1.31%
Civilization 6 avg71.5262.115.17%
Civilization 6 min52.994420.43%
The Division DX 12 avg63.959.67.21%
World of Tanks avg1171151.74%
World of Tanks min1071051.9%

You can see that Ryzen’s advantage is not that great – an average of about 4-5%. However, in some games like Civilization 6 the difference is rather big – 15-20%. Still, the 6800K beats the 1700X in some games but in the 1 to 2% range which in real life would be virtually indistinguishable. Again we should give the emphasize to the power consumption. The first four rows are where you should look. According to the data, Ryzen 7 1700X is up to 25% more power efficient during gaming, up to 40% when doing office work and up to 57% on stand-by. That’s one hell of a difference!

You can pre-order your Ryzen processor and get it on March 2nd from here:

1800X –
1700X –
1700 –

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