AMD Ryzen with a new patch – nearly 28% higher performance in Rise of The Tomb Raider

The latest Ryzen CPUs by AMD are now on the market and we are working on a review of one of the most powerful chips – AMD Ryzen 7 1700X. We would like to share with you a very good news mostly for those who have already laid their hands on the new AMD architecture.

The American company notes a performance increase of nearly 28% at medium/high settings with Ryzen processors after installing a patch, now available on Steam. Also, the game developer Crystal Dynamics shared that this success is due to the fact that the game utilizes in a more efficient way the large number of threads in Ryzen processors. In the screenshot below you can see a comparison between the previous patch and the latest one – the game runs at a higher frame rate, which is needed for smoother and more beautiful gameplay.

You may wish to check the current prices and availability of all Ryzen CPUs here:

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