Apple has a record $250 billion in cash – what that means?

What we know is that Apple is the world’s largest information technology company by revenue, the world’s largest technology company by total assets, and the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer by volume, after Samsung.

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What we may not know, however, is that they make such incredible profits, that the latest reports suggest Apple’s cash reserves amount to the staggering sum of $250 billion(!), yes that’s right, that reads a quarter of a trillion dollars. It’s not really something to easily get a perspective of, but if we imagine we had a rope that many meters long, we could wrap it around the Earth 6300 times.

Now, if you’d exclude the world’s top 45 or so economies, Apple has more cash in its possession than each of the rest of the world’s 151 countries’ gross domestic product. That means that the total value of goods and services produced by Apple outweighs what any one of those 151 economies produce during a whole year. That’s simply astonishing, considering Apple doesn’t offer the diverse products and services that a whole country does.

Apple has doubled its cash reserves over the past 4 and a half years, and in the last quarter of 2016 cash has flown in at the incredible rate of $3.6 million/hour. Let that sink in. For a comparison, the next richest US-based tech company is said to be Microsoft, and their cash reserves amount to “only” $126 billion, placing them 10 spots further down the GPD list.

Despite the big numbers flying around, most of Apple’s cash is staying outside the country, parked overseas to avoid taxation on its considerable profits, saving them billions. Of course, most of that money is not being used, yet, and Apple just sits on it while it could potentially provide a huge boost to the economy – investments into new markets, improving products, creating jobs or increasing wages to name a few. Mayhaps that’s why there are rumors of a huge tax break owing to Trump’s administration flying around. So that Apple and other massive corporations have the incentive to bring those billions back home.

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