ASUS G771JM uses the same panel as N751, but scores slightly better and still no PWM

01bgThe ASUS G771JM is a lucrative budget gaming laptop, which has a powerful hardware and aluminum eye-pleasing design. But will all of that matter if the gaming laptop doesn’t offer a quality panel?

Well, the ASUS G771JM may not offer the best display on the market, maybe not even close to that, but it still has some great specifications for its class. It also has 95% coverage of the sRGB color gamut and a maximum brightness of 322 cd/m2 which makes it ideal for working even in really bright places.

The most important thing to note here, though, is the absence of PWM (pulse-width modulation) across all brightness levels. This is considered to be harmless to human vision so, your eyes won’t feel tired after using the machine for several hours straight. You can see the results in the provided image below.


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8 years ago


Does the abscence of PMW also apply for the ASUS G771JW?

Thank you in advance!