ASUS ROG GL552 can be found in 6 European countries starting at 817 EUR

asus_GL552_08The budget gaming ASUS GL552 is now being assessed in our labs and a full review is underway. But before the detailed review, we have some interesting information for those of you who already laid eyes on this cheap gaming machine.

However, this notebook is offered in two configurations for now – with Core i5-4200H dual-core CPU or with the quad-core Core i7-4720HQ. In both cases, you get the GeForce GTX 950M (2GB DDR3) and you can also add an additional SSD as it supports M.2 SATA storage devices. Furthermore, the cheapest of both configurations can be found in the Bulgarian online retailer starting at around €817. Other countries like Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia also offer this notebook but with significantly higher price tags.

If you want to learn more about the GL552, we suggest reading this short article with our battery results and also our objective opinion on the screen quality of the machine. You can also check out this short, but informative video review below.

Source: Browswave

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8 years ago

I really enjoy reading your reviews! Too bad the people in Facebook don’t give the reviews the attention and the positive feedback they deserve..

6 years ago

A highly professional product at the functionality level.