Dell Inspiron 7359’s screen is pretty good for a mid-range convertible

1076899234Another set of results from our tests just came in and this time regarding the Dell Inspiron 7359 – an affordable convertible with tons of features, including a stylus. We are impressed with the specs that the laptop offers for the asking price but we have some mixed feelings about the panel.

You can find information about the laptop’s price and availability here:

First off, the ultrabook offers HD (768p) IPS panel, which is rarely seen at this price point. Of course, the screen inherits some of the IPS’ properties like excellent viewing angles, high contrast (850:1), fairly bright (291 cd/m2) and somewhat overall good image quality. However, some of the downsides of the screen are poor sRGB color gamut coverage (around 60%) and thus inaccurate color reproduction – red and blue colors are greatly reduced as you can see from the image below.

BefGAMUT-Dell Inspiron 7359

BefMax-Dell Inspiron 7359

Stay tuned for our full review as we are going to post more detailed information regarding the screen quality.

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