Dell Vostro 3558 (15 3000) offers colors suited only for casual activities

Dell Vostro 3558 is one of the new affordable business series (15 3000) notebooks. It comes equipped with a 15.6” matte screen with a TN panel. In our lab the TN panel showed pretty standard results. The display covers 57% of sRGB and 42% of Adobe RGB, which is not enough for completely saturated colors, but it is enough for everyday activities.

CIE-Gamut-Dell Vostro 3558

We added measurements of the primary and secondary colors over the figure above, left one is before profiling, with factory settings, and the right – after profiling. The colored circles show the reference colors, which the screen is supposed to show, and the white ones – the actually reproduced colors.

CIE-Colors-Pre-Dell Vostro 3558 (15 3000)

CIE-Colors-Post-Dell Vostro 3558 (15 3000)

We tested the display with 24 color samples, including commonly used colors like dark and light human skin, blue sky and green grass. After profiling the accuracy is high enough – average DeltaE 2000 is 1.60. Overall the colors are accurate enough for everyday activities like watching a movie or browsing the web, but unfortunately the low color gamut coverage is not enough for any serious work that requires exact color reproduction.

DisplayResult-Dell Vostro 3558 (15 3000)

Stay tuned for the full review of Dell Vostro 3558, where you can read the full display analysis.

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