Dell’s Latitude 14 7480 comes in strong with amazing battery life

When looking for business-oriented ultrabooks, users always expect long battery life to rely on when working away from the plug. However, the Latitude 14 7480 takes things to a whole new level almost dethroning the HP Spectre x360 from the first place in our battery rankings.

You can find the available configurations here:

A whopping score of 963 minutes (16 hours and 3 minutes) on our web browsing test and 668 minutes (11 hours and 8 minutes) on our video playback one put the Latitude 14 7480 in second place in our battery ranking table. This also means that the device is the endurance champion among all 14-inch laptops that we’ve tested.

If interested, we suggest reading our full review of the Latitude 14 7480 as it has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve.

Dell Latitude 14 7480 configurations

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