First look video at Toshiba KIRA Ultrabook (Broadwell 2015), new offering in the business class

toshiba_kira107We have prepared a first look video of Toshiba’s new offering in the business class notebooks – KIRA Ultrabook (Broadwell 2015).

The device features an ultra-thin and light design. It is made of aluminum and the housing is strengthened with magnesium. The display size is 13 inches, but there are two screen options – Full HD IPS screen and QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution.

The QHD version of the model adds a bit of thickness to the display and overall weight to the device, but with it, you gain a new feature – touch capacitive screen. There seem to be some nasty reflections on the QHD display  even though the screen has an additional layer to prevent that. Toshiba claims that the KIRA Ultrabook has one of the best color reproductions, since it has been professionally color balanced. In our first look video we noticed some flickering of the backlight. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for in our detailed review.

For more information about the KIRA Ultrabook (Broadwell 2015) watch the first look video, prepared by our colleague Georgi Dobrikov.

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