How often you have to change the coolant of the liquid-powered ASUS ROG GX700 according to ASUS

1-GX700_docking_20As you’ve probably already guessed from our recent articles regarding the ASUS ROG GX700’s screen and disassembly, the machine itself had a short stay in our office for a full review. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan as the docking station used for the cooling appeared to have too little coolant in it so we weren’t able to run our tests. This is somehow expected since we were testing a pre-production sample and it has been used for demonstration. But this raises another question – how often should you change the coolant in the cooling system?

You can find more about the notebook’s price and availability here:

Well, according to ASUS, the unit is able to hold the liquid for a couple of years (2-3) without any need of changing it. We are a bit skeptical about this, but it probably makes sense since the coolant in desktop configurations requires a frequent change (from 6 months to 1 year) and desktop water-powered systems are almost entirely different. Well, the technology is about the same, but you will probably use the cooler not so often and it’s not placed on the floor where it’s prone to building more dust. So more than a year or two seems about right.

GX700_Docking_ (12)

This leads us to our next question – how to fill up the tank with the new coolant? All service manuals state that you should never try to change the coolant or disassemble the cooler by yourself. That’s because A: ASUS doesn’t want you to know what’s inside or B: they think you will probably do more damage than good. Oh, and also you will void your warranty for sure. So if you find yourself in a similar situation to ours, go to your nearest ASUS support center.

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