HP Pavilion 14 x360 (14-ba000) uses PWM from 0 to 50% brightness

The tests we conducted on HP Pavilion 14 x360 (14-ba000) show both some bad and some good things. Starting off with the bad news – the panel uses PWM from 0 to 50% brightness, but here comes the good news – the display flickers at high frequencies making it comfortable for continuous work as it wouldn’t have such a negative impact on most users.

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In other words, the screen flickers only up to 70 cd/m2 of luminance and this will affect only buyers with extra sensitive eyes. However, if you find that disturbing, we have a solution for you and it is our Health-Guard profile, which eliminates PWM and also reduces the negative blue light emissions.

Still, if the HP Pavilion 14 x360 (14-ba000) is not your cup of tea, we suggest browsing our PWM ranking for laptops with similar or better PWM rating.

For more detailed information about HP Pavilion 14 x360 (14-ba000) you can read our full review.


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