Huawei is now the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, overtakes Apple

The latest data from the Counterpoint market research shows that during June and July this year the Chinese tech giant Huawei reports more sales compared to the American “apple” making it the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung. And although the second place may be temporary, still this is a big achievement for the Chinese brand.

Peter Richardson, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, explains that Huawei’s success “can be attributed to its consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, coupled with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion”. However, he thinks that too much focus on the Chinese market might hinder the company’s growth in the future. Richardson points out that the major factor limiting the Huawei’s potential to take a sustainable second place globally after Samsung is the relatively weak presence in the South Asian, Indian and North American markets.

In addition, although the Chinese giant managed to become the second-largest smartphone brand, overtaking Apple, none of its models are in the Top 10 on the market. Even though it offers a great variety of devices none stand out so much as to firmly earn recognition for the company.

Huawei will try to change that with the announcement of the new Mate 10 on October 16 this year. Until then, you can check all available Huawei products over HERE.


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