Inside the Lenovo X1 Carbon – disassembly, internal photos and upgrade options

When you hear the word “ultrabook”, most of you would think of really packed up chassis that’s almost impossible for the end consumer to open for a quick upgrade or just to clean the dust in the CPU fan. Well this is not the case with the 3rd generation X1 Carbon series from Lenovo. Since there aren’t many upgrade options and you will be able to remove the bottom lid without any hassle, this article will be quite short and brief.

1. Opening the back

The left photo shows the bottom of the X1 Carbon and as you can see only 7 screws keep the lid in place. By unscrewing you will be able to access all the internals, which you can see on the right photo.



2. Upgrade options

There isn’t much you can do here unless you get your hands on a bigger 80mm M.2 SATA SSD. The stock one comes with Samsung SSD and this particular configuration offers 256GB of storage space. In the photo below can also be seen the 4G module and the Wi-Fi module.


3. Accessing the cooling system

The cooling system is also easily accessible just by removing the main lid. At first glance seems that it’s well-built and obviously Lenovo has moved on from the “owl” inspired cooling fan. You won’t go through much trouble when you need to clean the fan.


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8 years ago