Lenovo Vibe Shot battery tests are in and they seem promising

Lenovo-Vibe-ShotEarlier today, we’ve published several photos taken with the Lenovo Vibe Shot smartphone and another interesting feature of this phone is the relatively big battery. Vibe Shot has 2900 mAh battery capacity which is slightly better than Samsung and HTC’s flagships and 100 mAh behind LG G4. But numbers aren’t everything, we need to take real-life tests to see how the whole system has been optimized.

We ran the usual tests like web browsing, video playback, gaming, talk time and etc. All tests share the same conditions – Wi-Fi turned on, Bluetooth is off, GPS is off, and screen brightness is set to 120 cd/m2. We use 120 cd/m2 for all smartphones because different displays have different brightness levels and this way the tests is mostly fair for each model. However, the Vibe Shot was able to get through 627 minutes (10 hours and 27 minutes) of web browsing, 214 minutes (3 hours and 34 minutes) of gaming and 647 minutes (10 hours and 47 minutes) of video playback. The results are definitely good, but we will publish more on the matter when the full review is out.

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