Lenovo Vibe X3 performed great in our battery tests

DSWHITE32gbWe’re going to publish our full in-depth review of Lenovo Vibe X3 soon, but before that we’d like to share its results from our battery tests and compare them to the Lite version of the phone, which we tested about a month ago.

Vibe X3 has a 3600 mAh battery while the X3 Lite features a slightly smaller 3400 mAh. This may not seem as a big of a deal, but the biggest difference comes from the SoC where the Vibe X3 boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 while the Lite variant runs the MediaTek MT6753. In our Wi-Fi browsing challenge, the Vibe X3 went on for 610 minutes versus the 524 minutes scored by the Lite version. Lenovo Vibe X3 further increases its lead in our video playback test where it managed to score 871 minutes while X3 Lite – 620 minutes. Finally, it comes down to the hardest test – the 3D gaming one, in which Vibe X3 performed great once again and hit the 373 minutes mark. In comparison, X3 Lite’s result is 201 minutes.

Expect our full review on the model to find out more interesting test results and information about Lenovo Vibe X3 and check the following link if you’re interested in the price and availability of the phone: Amazon.com

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