Lenovo Yoga 900s 1080p panel isn’t exactly what we were hoping for

We were quite busy the last couple of weeks testing and trying out new methods of testing the displays and also covering the annual MWC at Barcelona. But now when this is over, we are back to our same old routine and the first device to receive the extensive screen tests is the upcoming Lenovo Yoga 900s notebook. Since we were able to snatch only the Full HD version of the ultrabook, here are the results from the tests. To be honest, we expected a bit more and we hope the QHD variant will right the wrongs of the more affordable configuration.

Our tests show that the panel can go as bright as 283 cd/m2, which is insufficient if you are planning to do some outdoor work in tablet mode. If the sun is shining bright, you will have problems viewing the content, especially when you add in the glossy finish. Also, the sRGB coverage is merely 55% and that’s not enough for a good multimedia experience. Half of the colors are missing after all. However, the contrast ratio of 1190:1 is considered to be excellent and we were pleased by all the display modes and presets designed for better reading experience, multimedia etc. We’ve covered that as well but expect more in our upcoming review.


BefMax-Lenovo Yoga 900s

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