LG G4c (H525N) showed high durability in our battery life tests

batteryWe’re almost done testing the LG G4c – the little budget brother of G4. Before we show you its review, we’d like to share the first results from our battery endurance tests. G4c uses a 2540mAh battery and given the economical Snapdragon 410, you can expect good results.

In our Wi-Fi surfing test the model got 643 minutes (10 hours and 34 minutes), which is good. The same goes for the 294 minutes (4 hours and 54 minutes) of our 3D gaming test. The most impressive result was the one in our video challenge. G4c managed 864 minutes (14 hours and 24 minutes). You can expect more about the battery life and the rest of the smartphone’s components in our upcoming review.

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