MedaTek’s Chromebook is what we have all been waiting for – 2x USB Type-C, 4K playback, quad-core CPU

The ever growing market for Chromebooks attracts more and more hardware manufacturers which would gladly take a piece of the pie. At Computex 2015 MediaTek announced its first SoC to power up Google’s notebooks. It will probably fall into the same price range as Chromebooks from Rockchip meaning it will be around $150.

DSC00725 DSC00724

MediaTek reigns at the low-end smartphone and tablet segment and while this part of the market remains their main focus the company is exploring new possibilities with Chromebooks. During Taiwan’s Computex 2015, the manufacturer introduced a non-working prototype with MT8173 CPU designed with LITTLE.big architecture delivering 2x Cortex A53 + 2x Cortex A72 cores. The SoC is capable of 4K video playback, supports 64-bit set of instructions and will most likely be an overkill since Chrome OS doesn’t need a lot of computing performance (most of it is performed on the cloud). Furthermore, the notebook is equipped with two USB Type-C ports. It’s good to see the new technology getting adopted faster than expected.

DSC00722 DSC00715

The first MediaTek Chromebook is expected to arrive sometime in the second half of this year or as MediaTek said – “very soon”.

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