Meizu m2’s 2500mAh managed to impress us with its durability

wds16Meizu m2 note has a 3100 mAh battery and a 5.5-inch Full HD IGZO screen that still consumes a lot of energy. The case with it smaller brethren – Meizu m2, however, is slightly different. The phone is still being tested in our lab, but we’ve got some results back and we’re ready to share them with you. Meizu m2 has a 5-inch screen with HD resolution and a 2500 mAh battery, which sounds very impressive, considering its price, but lets what battery life will the device offer.

Up to this moment, we’ve got the results from our Wi-Fi browsing, video playback and 3D gaming battery tests. In the first one, the phone endured 578 minutes (9 hours and 38 minutes), which is a great result. A slightly lower, but still decent, was the score in the video playback test – 489 minutes (8 hours and 9 minutes). The results so far seem great, but we’re not done yet. The phone managed to impress us with the durability of its battery even in our heaviest test – the 3D gaming one, where it hit the 303 minutes mark (5 hours and 3 minutes) – a great achievement. You can expect more information and test results in our full in-depth review on the model.

Head over to to check the price and availability of the device if you’re interested.

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