MSI and ASUS are expected to sell 5 million GPUs by the end of the year

nvidia_geforce_gtx_logo_artworkNVIDIA announced its latest Pascal architecture in May. It was back then that we figured that a new manufacturing process will have a good impact on the new graphics cards’ performance. In a demonstration of the then most powerful GPU (GeForce GTX 1080) the American company reached a frequency of 2.1 GHz which was really impressive. Additionally, we can’t miss the new technologies and the announced Founders Edition reference cooler that proved a bit better than its predecessor.

Now that four months have passed it is time to have a look at the leading GPU manufacturers. Whether by chance or not, two of the most popular companies, ASUS and MSI, are quite optimistic about the end of this year. This is because the Taiwanese developers are expecting to sell 5 million GPUs by the end of December. Even though NVIDIA announced only the high-end chips first (GeForce GTX 1070/1080), and then the mid-range models (GeForce GTX 1060), ASUS and MSI are the leaders in terms of sales. This is hardly a surprise for anyone, considering what MSI has to offer. We already had the chance to play with the GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X model, which proved the coolest GPU, we’d ever tested – you can read its full review HERE.

If interested, you can have a look at all currently available NVIDIA GPUs here:

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