New details surface about the upcoming Windows 10 Game Mode

Last week during Game Developers Conference, we got a detailed analysis of the upcoming Game Mode for Windows 10. The information came from Eric Walston who works in the Xbox Advanced Technology Group of Microsoft. He explained that operating systems tend to look at games as ordinary processes while the new mode for Windows will separate resources just for the given game.

An example was given with the computing power of and eight core processors. Using Game Mode Windows will be able to separate six of the cores just for the sake of the game while the other two will power all the necessary background processes. We are about to see if this gives the lead to CPUs with more cores compared to those with fewer but higher frequency.

The way that Windows will enhance the graphics card’s resources will be that it will prioritize the full-screen window or the window put on focus. Walston added that the game’s attributes will be relocated to the graphics card’s memory to ensure better performance.

Windows 10 Game Mode will release with the launch of the upcoming Windows Creators Update next month. If you are looking for a new gaming rig you can check some of the available ones over here:

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