NVIDIA gives away free keys for Red Bull Air Race – The Game (+ video)

red-bullApart from the news about new drivers, NVIDIA’s homepage has some other interesting publications today. The American company has decided to participate in a giveaway of beta keys that provide access to the game Red Bull: Air Race. For now it is closed beta which means that it can’t be tested by anyone. This is why NVIDIA grants access codes that can be activated on their official website, instead of registering them via the Steam platform.

If you want to enjoy this game, you have to follow the next simple steps. First, you have to visit this page and press “Get your beta-key now”. After this a new window will appear, and you will have to fill in your date of birth, name, family name, and email address where you will receive the code itself. Then you will only need to register on Red Bull’s website because it is there that you activate the access key, granted by NVIDIA. Additionally, the video below presents what this game is about.

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