NVIDIA is boosting its sales of the desktop and mobile GTX 950 and 960 GPUs with a free game bundled

nvidia promotion

So here’s the deal. NVIDIA is probably clearing up its stock on GTX 950 and 960 graphics cards along with the GTX 950M and 960M-powered notebooks by offering a free indie game title. No matter what the intentions are, it’s a good deal especially if you are already looking for a good mid-range gaming desktop or a laptop. And besides, the chances are that the GTX 1050 and 1060-powered notebooks will cost a fortune.

Anyway, the two games, from which you can choose, are the Dead by Daylight and Hard Reset Redux. They can be obtained by entering a steam code bundled with your notebook or graphics card. The promotion is valid in a good number of countries across the globe so you better check it out here. If you aren’t interested, both games go for $19.99. Unfortunately, we don’t know for how much time the promotion will last as NVIDIA’s terms and conditions only say “for a limited time or while supplies last”. So hurry up and snatch a GTX 950 or 960 GPU. And, of course, if you are looking for a mobile solution, check out the available options here:
Click here for GTX 950M laptops.
Click here for GTX 960M laptops.

We also suggest looking for one of our reviews before you buy a notebook. And as for now, watch the game trailers below.

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