NVIDIA’s GTX 980 for laptops now tops our GPU ranking table

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With the release of our Acer Predator 17X review, which can be bought here, a new GPU king just came into town and topped our notebook GPU ranking table. We all expected to be considerably faster than the mobile version of the chip – GTX 980M but it also surpassed two GTX 880M in SLI and two AMD Radeon M290X cards in CrossFire configurations. The GTX 980 was able to beat these two GPU configurations by a small margin of 8 and 6% but we are talking about a single GPU beating SLIs and CrossFires.

The desktop-grade GeForce GTX 980 offers performance similar – marginally slower – to its desktop counterpart but can be integrated into 17-inch laptops with good cooling capabilities. You can read more about the GPU here and you can check the GPU rankings here.

Stay tuned for a more detailed article explaining the main differences between the mobile GTX 980M and the desktop GTX 980 for laptops along with benchmarks and gaming tests. In the meantime, you can browse for some GTX 980/980M-equipped notebooks on the market.

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