One of the first Apollo Lake chips, the Intel Pentium N4200, surfaces with detailed specs

intel-apollo-lakeWith all the fuzz around NVIDIA’s upcoming mobile Pascal lineup, we forgot all about Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake and the budget Apollo Lake processors. Still better late than never right? So in this article, we will provide full specs of one of the first Apollo Lake chips to come out – the Pentium N4200. It’s probably a successor to the previously reviewed Braswell Pentium N3700.

However, the specs we’ve acquired from the testing sample we are working on show slightly altered clock speeds that don’t quite fit to what we are expecting. For instance, the base clock speeds of the CPU are showing as 1.1 GHz, which is considerably less than the previous generation mobile Pentiums. Either Intel has decided to go with lower clock speeds in order to preserve battery life or this is a too early engineering sample. We’ve extracted more useful insight about the chip, nonetheless.

The boost clock speeds show as 2.5 GHz, which is expected and confirms the earlier leaks, although it will go lower if all four clocks are working. The TDP remains 6W as before but will consume around 4W if not fully loaded. And finally, the cores will have to work again with just two levels of cache with the first one offering a 128KB pool while the second goes up to 2MB. Nearly identical specs to the Pentium N3700 (Braswell) but we expect the improved architecture to deliver around 30% better performance than the old Braswell generation. We will keep you posted with more exclusive information in the following days or weeks.

You can browse for the curretnly availble 2-in-1s with Braswell CPUs here:

Processor Name:Intel Atom-1100
Original Processor Frequency:1100.0 MHz
CPU Brand Name:Intel Pentium CPU N4200 @ 1.10GHz
CPU Vendor:Genuine Intel
CPU Stepping:B0
CPU Code Name:Apollo Lake
CPU Thermal Design Power (TDP):6.0 W
CPU Thermal Design Current (TDC):21.0 A
CPU Power Limits (Max):Power = Unlimited, Time = Unlimited
CPU Power Limit 1 – Long Duration:Power = 4.00 W, Time = 28.00 sec [Unlocked]
CPU Type:Engineering Sample
CPU Platform:BGA1296
Microcode Update Revision:A
Number of CPU Cores:4
Number of Logical CPUs:4
CPU MFM (LowPower):400.0 MHz = 4 x 100.0 MHz
CPU LFM (Minimum):800.0 MHz = 8 x 100.0 MHz
CPU HFM (Maximum):1100.0 MHz = 11 x 100.0 MHz
CPU Turbo:2500.0 MHz = 25 x 100.0 MHz [Unlocked]
CPU Current:307.2 MHz = 16 x 19.2 MHz @ 1.0750 V
Uncore Current:533.3 MHz = 32.00 x 16.7 MHz
CPU Bus Type:FSB (QDR)
L1 Cache:Instruction: 4 x 32 KBytes, Data: 4 x 24 KBytes
L2 Cache:Integrated: 2 x 1 MBytes
Instruction TLB:4-KB Pages, Fully associative, 48 entries
Data TLB:4-KB Pages, 4-way associative, 512 entries
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