Software Companies Are Going Too Far: New Adobe Terms of Use Include Having Access to All Your Work

What is going on inside the minds of every developer and publisher these days? Anti-cheats are the most invasive they’ve ever been, Windows wants to straight up stalk its user base with Recall, and now Adobe is joining in with something big. As if charging absurd subscription fees wasn’t enough, they now demand access to all your work. You can see the Updated Terms of Use below.

Photo: @SamSantala on X

The gist of it all is that they now want to perform manual or automated analysis of your work regardless of which Adobe app you’re using. They can analyze the videos you make with Premiere Pro, the characters you draw in Illustrator, and the graphics you design in Photoshop. This seriously affects the privacy of users, as well as professionals who have signed NDAs not to share anything about a particular job.

What is more interesting, is that you have to agree to these Terms of Use even for simple stuff, like contacting support, uninstalling Adobe software, as well as canceling any Adobe subscription you might have. While this is not a tirade at Adobe, it’s getting harder and harder to defend these companies, who try to be as invasive and as involved in your life and work as possible.

If you’ve been looking for an Adobe alternative as far as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are concerned, the Affinity suite is becoming quite popular, wanting a one-time payment for a lifelong version of their software, including updates and bug-fixes. For video editing, DaVinci Resolve has a free version that is still very feature-packed. We should honestly make an article highlighting the best alternatives to Adobe, which Creators would certainly want to read.

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