The 2500mAh Meizu m2 battery performed admirably in our endurance tests

wds16Meizu m2 note is equipped with a whopping 3100 mAh battery. It also has a 5.5 inch Full HD display, which is among the main energy-consumers in the device, in spite of its IGZO technology. This are slightly different with Meizu m2, the note’s smaller sibling. We’re still running some tests on the latter, but we have results which should give us an idea as to what battery life is like. The capacity in this case is 2500mAh, but the display diagonal measures at 5 inches and the resolution is simply HD.

So far we’ve subjected Meizu m2 to the Wi-Fi surfing test, video playback and 3D gaming. In the first of three test, the device managed 578 minutes (9 hours 38 minutes), which is a remarkable achievement, especially given the price range. Slightly lover but still respectable was the video playback test result. We clocked that at 489 minutes (8 hours 9 minutes). Even in our most intensive test (3D gaming), the smartphone remained powered on for 303 minutes (5 hours 3 minutes), which is terrific. Stay tuned for additional info and further battery test results in the upcoming detailed review of the device.

For complete technical specs, current pricing info on the Meizu m2, as well as information on how to purchase, check out:

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