The first optical fingerprint scanner is possible to come with the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Fingerprint scanners have become really popular since Apple released its iPhone 5S model. Throughout these four years after its advent, the functionality and accuracy of the technology in question has significantly increased. What’s more, today you can find such a sensor in even budget and mid-range smartphones (such as Meizu M3s and Huawei P9 lite, for example).

Nowadays manufacturers are struggling in many ways to full make use of the vast approximately 5-inch space contemporary smartphone bodies offer. However, with the gradual thinning of the side profiles the space for a fingerprint scanner is growing scarce.

Fortunately, the American company Synaptics has a solution. It announced the first of its kind optical fingerprint scanner for smartphones and tablets. This scanner can detect information through glass which is 1 mm thick without loosing accuracy. Additionally, this allows manufacturers to incorporate it in a device’s display and thus dispense with the hardware button on the front, leaving more free space to be occupied by a larger screen or other hardware components.


Lately there have been some rumors that Samsung wants to remove the hardware Home button, which also carries the fingerprint scanner, from its future flagship Galaxy S8. It seems that this is no problem for the new Syaptics patent. Whether the two companies will work in a partnership and present the first smartphone with optical fingerprint scanner or not – only time will tell.

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