The HP Pavilion 15 (15-cd000) display uses PWM for all brightness levels except for the maximum one

HP has decided to use a TN matrix for their HP Pavilion 15 (15-cd000) laptop so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the display is PWM free only at the maximum brightness level.

The tests we’ve conducted show that the display uses pulse-width modulation for regulating the brightness of the screen resulting in the so-called screen flickering effect for all brightness levels except for the maximum one. The emitted light has frequencies around 200 Hz which are considered as aggressive. However, we have a solution for you and it’s our Health-Guard profile which eliminates PWM and also reduces the negative blue light emissions.

If you are interested in learning more about HP Pavilion 15 (15-cd000), you can read its detailed review HERE.

And if this is not the right laptop for you, we suggest browsing our PWM ranking for laptops with better PWM rating.

HP Pavilion 15 (15-cd000) configurations

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