The new Dell Inspiron 5570 (15 5000 ) – specs, features, configurations and prices

The Dell Inspiron 5570 or 15 5000 is yet another model by the American company to feature the new Intel 8th gen processors. It is a full-size 15.6-inch laptop with lots to offer at a reasonable price. We are going to take a quick look at its most important specifications and features.

Without a doubt, the most important piece of hardware and the hearth on any notebook is the processor. As we already said, the Inspiron 5570 comes equipped with the 8th gen Core i5 or i7 models – the Core i5-8250U and Core i7-8550U respectively. If you are one of our daily readers or just someone into mobile computing you will instantly recognize the name of the two chips. For those of you who aren’t already aware, these are Intel’s latest ULV chips which now feature four physical cores and a total of eight threads which improves performance drastically compared to last generation’s.  And this is achieved with only 15W TDP which means low power consumption thus long battery life.

For the battery, Dell has chosen a 3-cell 42Wh unit which should provide enough power to the notebook as it doesn’t pack a discrete GPU in most configurations and there aren’t too many pixels to push. The 15.6-inch non-touch display (one configuration offers a touchscreen though) features Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution.

You can optionally add a discrete GPU to your configuration. Dell has decided to partner with AMD for this one packing the Radeon 530 inside which has 4GB of GDDR5 memory. The card isn’t something groundbreaking but it will allow you to play any eSport with well over 60fps or maybe try some more graphics-intensive titles making the notebook a great budget gaming device.

The configurations featuring the AMD Radeon 530 also get another bonus. Their USB Type-C port will feature a PowerDelivery option to charge other devices and will also double as a video-out port. The Inspiron 5570 also comes with 12 months subscription for McAfee LiveSafe antivirus system for a secure experience. Although you will have to contact the manufacturer for details.

The Dell Inspiron 5570 should already be available in some regions with others to follow with a starting price of $699.99. You can check out its configurations in our Laptops Specs system:

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6 years ago

What is SSD technology? 3D NAND? 2D NAND? TLC? Thank you

6 years ago

I love my 15-5570 Touch. Equipped with 12gb, 128gb SSD and 1tb, along with the 620 graphics and internal DVD/RW. This system is great for home, office, gaming. Gerald, SSD technology is Solid State Disc drive. With using SSD your files are kept on a card like memory card per se. The SSD is a non-moving part vs a traditional HDD (hard disc). Both with have failure at some point but the SSD can handle more user bumps than a traditional HD. Another point is that the SSD is faster. With a combination like mine, the SSD will hold my… Read more »