Toshiba announced two new business-oriented Z-series notebooks

As you’ve probably noticed we’ve published quite a few articles about Toshiba and its campaigns as the most recent one was “Make IT work”. Today, however, we’d like to share some information about the new models, which the OEM has announced. Some of the offerings belong to the Portege lineup, which is famous for the mobility and flexibility of its devices while the rest are part of the Tecra series – basically the same as Portege notebooks, but slightly bigger form factor in size.

The first one is Portégé Z20t-C. The hybrid (it can be used both as a tablet and as a notebook) boasts a 6th generation Intel Core M CPU and adopts USB 3.1 Type-C port. According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the device is increased up to 19 hours meaning that you can basically use the Portege Z20t-C for two days without having to charge it. That’s great news considering the nature of the product. The other model from the Portege lineup is Portégé Z30-C. This is an “ultra-mobile” device, which despite not featuring a variety of usage modes (such as tablet, tent, etc.), has pretty solid battery life – up to 16 hours.


The rest of the laptops belong to the Tecra series and are business-oriented providing bigger screens in compact bodies. Tecra Z40-C has a 14-inch display and depending on the configuration, the resolution of the screen can go up to Full HD (1920×1080). The notebook sports the latest generation Intel CPUs while the battery should last up to 15 hours. The bigger model, Tecra Z50-C, has a 15-inch screen and a lot of ports (four USB 3.0 ports) and an optical drive. Keep in mind that the latter is of great since there are still business consumers using it. Also, the laptop features a keyboard LED illumination for additional comfort.


You can browse through all Toshiba notebooks at the following link:

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