We tested ASUS ROG G501 with some more interesting games, including GTA 5

We spent some time testing the new ASUS ROG G501 with a bunch of interesting and GPU-demanding games, which we added to its detailed review.

We ran the tests at Lowest, Medium and Maximum settings. Since Mortal Combat X has Vsync enabled and is capped to 60 fps, we just ran it at Max graphic settings. The good news is that G501 handles it just fine. Also, we checked how the latest drivers (350.12) affect the performance, comparing the results to the ones scored with 350.05.

You can see how the laptop fares with the games below, and if you haven’t done so already, you can go straight to its in-depth analysis.


Metro: LL (1080p, Low)Metro: LL (1080p, Medium)Metro: LL (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.0561 fps45 fps17 fps
GeForce 350.1259 fps (-3%)42 fps (-7%)15 fps (-15%)


Tomb Raider (1080p, Low)Tomb Raider (1080p, Medium)Tomb Raider (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.05136 fps65 fps32 fps
GeForce 350.12141 fps (+4%)66 fps (+2%)32 fps


F1 2014 (1080p, Low)F1 2014 (1080p, Medium)F1 2014 (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.05114 fps88 fps74 fps
GeForce 350.12115 fps (+1%)99 fps (+13%)79 fps (+7%)


Thief (1080p, Low)Thief (1080p, Medium)Thief (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.0544 fps38 fps27 fps
GeForce 350.1248 fps (+9%)38 fps27 fps


GTA 5 (1080p, Low)GTA 5 (1080p, Medium)GTA 5 (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.0599 fps37 fps18 fps
GeForce 350.1285 fps (-14%)37 fps18 fps


Mortal Kombat X (1080p, Max)
GeForce 350.0554 fps
GeForce 350.1254 fps
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9 years ago

This looks quite nice. I am just about to buy a new laptop and I am keeping my eye on this in the last weeks. Can you comment anything additional about the temperature and fan noise during the max settings gameplays? I read you initial review and this looks optimistic but the more tests are done the easier for me to make up my mind.

9 years ago

Just got the release date for Germany Amazon 24.04.2015 🙂