We tested the Lenovo S60 battery and the results are just good


When Lenovo showed their S90 model for the first time, many people liked it. The device is thin, stylish and it has a good specs sheet to boot. Lenovo S60 is based on S90, but it comes at a lower price point. There are some differences between the two models, though. Very soon you’ll be able to find more information about S60’s capabilities and features in our upcoming review.

For now, we want to show you a small part of our tests – the battery test, in particular. The tests which we ran are talk time, web browsing with 3G and Wi-Fi, gaming and watching movies. It should be noted that the phone has a very thin body and respectively, is not equipped with a very big battery. Its capacity is 2150 mAh. In our Wi-Fi browsing test Lenovo S60 managed to stay on for 562 minutes (9 hours and 22 minutes). The result in the watching movies test was even better – 631 minutes (10 hours and 31 minutes), and if you want to play 3D games with S60, you’ll have 286 minutes (4 hours and 46 minutes) at your disposal on one charge. Stay tuned for more results and information about Lenovo S60. Our detailed review is coming soon.


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