Where and at what price can you find Lenovo A5000 in Europe?

lenovo-smartphone-a5000-mainA5000 is a new and very interesting Lenovo phone which makes a great impression with its 4000mAh battery. We are still testing the device, so you can expect its review very soon. In recent days, we showed you how durable this battery is, and the results were more than superb.

We checked the European market. We found in which countries you can purchase the phone, and now we know where the lowest and the highest price can be found. In the Czech Republic you can buy Lenovo A5000 for only 145 euro, and this is the lowest price in Europe. But if you are Russian, you have to pay 190 euro for the same phone, and yes, this is the highest price. However, the most common price in Europe is about 160 euro, and actually it’s a great price for all these capabilities, which include outstanding battery life. Stay tuned for our upcoming review.

Here are all the countries in which we found Lenovo A5000:

Czech Republic145 euro
Hungary149 euro
Bulgaria152 euro
Romania165 euro
Russia190 euro
Serbia165 euro
Slovakia159 euro
Ukraine157 euro

Source: Browswave

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