You Can Lose up to 15% of Your Storage With the New Windows 11 Recall Feature

With the new Windows 11 Recall feature, your laptop saves everything you’ve seen in the past three months, in an encrypted part of your drive. You can then access all of it in case you’ve forgotten something. However, the space allocation that Microsoft demand is kind of insane, as you need to allocate as much as 15% of your total storage.

In the table below, which is from Microsoft’s Learn Portal about Managing Recall on your PC, you can see how much of your storage you can give to Recall for the saving of snapshots. This storage is solely for Recall, with Windows 11 itself taking around 20GB to 30GB.


Device storage capacityStorage allocation options for Recall
256 GB25 GB (default), 10 GB
512 GB75 GB (default), 50 GB, 25 GB
1 TB, or more150 GB (default), 100 GB, 75 GB, 50 GB, 25 GB

Microsoft says that you can have a say in how much allocation there is for snapshots, however, they don’t say where the setting is. Drive capacities are not what’s advertised too, as a 512GB SSD has only 477GB of usable space. This is due to manufacturers marketing SSDs using the decimal systems, while computers use the binary system for storage. Here’s a calculator which can show you how much usable storage a certain drive actually has.

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