Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo 50q Gen 4 Review: A Quiet, Upgradable Mini PC In The Palm Of Your Hand

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The ThinkCentre Neo 50Q Gen 4 Thin is super easy to take apart, as the cover panel can be taken out with just a single screw on the back. After unscrewing it, the top cover and the front panel just slide to the front together, after which you need to lift it from the back and take it off. The assembly is done the same way but in reverse.

Once you take the top off, you can see a mounting cage for a 2.5-inch SSD or a Hard Drive, along with a thin ribbon cable for connecting the drive that you need to be super careful with. The cage can be removed with the clip on the side, you just need to push it in and then slowly push the cage in the direction of the backports. Below the cage, there’s an M.2 slot, with an already installed 256 GB SSD. On the other side, there’s the fan for the CPU, and a heatsink (the back part). The fan can be easily lifted, hiding two SODIMM slots.


The Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo 50Q Gen 4 Tiny presents a unique workstation solution for many portable offices. You can basically simulate having an All-in-One PC, with the ThinkCentre and any other monitor, giving you a clean package with plenty of performance. There’s plenty of upgradeability in terms of storage and RAM, as with up to 32GB the system will be plenty snappy, while the M.2 and SATA slots can provide you with more storage than you’ll ever need.

The port selection is quite wide, with plenty of USB ports, a LAN connector, HDMI 2.1, and DisplayPort 1.4 connectors. Keep in mind that in the unlikely event that you run out of ports, you can add more, both through the punch-out port on the back, as well as add a docking station through the USB 3.2 Gen. 2 ports, which adds even more connectivity.

The ThinkCentre supports Wi-Fi 6 (antenna in the box) as well as Bluetooth 5.1, so you can connect to the internet more easily, reduce cable clutter, and use wireless components like a mouse, keyboard, headphones, and whatever else you need.

The performance of the PC is a bit limited, simply due to its small form factor, as we’ve seen the Core i5-13420H perform a lot better inside proper laptops with more cooling capacity. However, for what it is, the ThinkCentre is performing well, providing you with a capable platform for small and medium-sized business users that need reliability and performance for a decent price.

You can check the current price of the Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo 50q Gen 4 here: Buy from Amazon.com (#CommissionsEarned)


  • Affordable price
  • Super portable
  • Comes bundled with decent peripherals
  • Upgradeable Storage and RAM
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good performance for its size
  • Silent at pretty much any stress level
  • Wide I/O


  • Won’t break any benchmarking records anytime soon
  • Has only integrated graphics

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