Video: Quick peek at the new ASUS E1Z pico projector (+ release date and price)

The tiny pico projectors are really gaining pace right now and the reasons for that are simple – they’re cheap, easy to use and ultra-mobile, so you can keep them in your living room / bedroom, as well as take them out in your garden or at friend’s house. The new ASUS E1Z weighs less than 300 g and its 6000 mAh battery is enough to keep the juice running for 3 hours, guaranteeing that it’s not going to interrupt you in the middle of the movie, asking for a power outlet (okay, depends on the movie, but in most cases you’ll even have spare battery life).

When ASUS E1Z goes on the market (in Q4 this year) its price will be around $200. More about the tiny projector in the short video below.

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